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XCSO Workshop & Apply It Weekend

Re-connect with the XCSO ski community on October 22-24 for a Workshop & Apply It Day (COVID-19 permitting).  Registration is now open!

Strict adherence to public health guidelines will be in place for all sessions and activities.

Updated schedule is HERE.

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National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation Day challenges us to think differently about identity, history, education, knowledge and reconciliation.  The National Truth and Reconciliation Commission identified 94 Calls to Action with 5 focused on Sports and Reconciliation.  Join XCSO in acknowledging history; educating ourselves; and thinking differently.


Sports & Reconciliation

  1. We call upon all levels of government, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, sports halls of fame, and other relevant organizations, to provide public education that tells the national story of Aboriginal athletes in history.


  1. We call upon all levels of government to take action to ensure long-term Aboriginal athlete development and growth, and continued support for the North American Indigenous Games, including funding to host the games and for provincial and territorial team preparation and travel.


  1. We call upon the federal government to amend the Physical Activity and Sport Act to support reconciliation by ensuring that policies to promote physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being, reduce barriers to sports participation, increase the pursuit of excellence in sport, and build capacity in the Canadian sport system, are inclusive of Aboriginal peoples.


  1. We call upon the federal government to ensure that national sports policies, programs, and initiatives are inclusive of Aboriginal peoples, including, but not limited to, establishing:
    • In collaboration with provincial and territorial governments, stable funding for, and access to, community sports programs that reflect the diverse cultures and traditional sporting activities of Aboriginal peoples.
    • An elite athlete development program for Aboriginal athletes.
    • Programs for coaches, trainers, and sports officials that are culturally relevant for Aboriginal peoples.
    • Anti-racism awareness and training programs.


  1. We call upon the officials and host countries of international sporting events such as the Olympics, Pan Am, and Commonwealth games to ensure that Indigenous peoples’ territorial protocols are respected, and local Indigenous communities are engaged in all aspects of planning and participating in such events


XCSO is committed to exploring areas where we can make a difference.  Please join us!

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XCSO Return to Sport Protocol updated with Proof of Vaccination Guidelines

Please continue to visit this website for up to date information as we continue to manage our sport during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you to our ski community for their continuing support and adherence to public health guidelines.

Please refer to our COVID-19 page which is now updated with information about:

  1.  Return to Sport including the Government of Ontario’s Proof of Vaccination program
  2. Updated Return to Training
  3. A sample Safety Plan for training camps will be re-published

Ministry of Health Q & A for proof of vaccination.

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XCSO Workshop & Apply It Weekend

Re-connect with the XCSO ski community on October 22-24 for a Workshop & Apply It Day (COVID-19 permitting).  Strict adherence to public health guidelines will be in place for all sessions and activities.

Schedule at a glance is HERE.  More details to follow.

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Ontario’s Proof of Vaccination

Cross Country Ski Ontario has received details from the Government of Ontario on proof of vaccination.  We are reviewing O.Reg 645/21 and accompanying guidance.  We will be updating our Return to Sport Protocol to reflect the current government regulations.  We encourage the ski community to follow public health guidelines.  More information on vaccines is HERE.

Coupe Skinouk Rollerski race – Sept 18/19, 2021

After a one-season hiatus because of COVID-19 in 2020, the Coupe Skinouk Rollerski will be back this year. The information regarding the event has not all been finalized but Club Skinouk suggests that you reserve the dates of September 18 and 19, 2021 in your calendar in order to participate or to encourage people around you to participate. You can be also a volunteer!

Employment Opportunity: Walden Cross Country

Click HERE for the job posting!

Walden are currently seeking a Club Coach to add to their coaching group, to lead their youth and racing programs,
with a primary focus on the Walden Nordic Racers (WNR) ski team.

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Club Funding Opportunity

The Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries have provided funding to Cross Country Ski Ontario clubs. XCSO is now accepting funding applications from clubs. Details and eligibility can be found in the application. Applications will be accepted via this LINK only until 23:59 on June 6th.

For information purposes only, a PDF of the application is available (no ‘paper’ applications will be accepted).



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XCSO Board of Directors Call for Nominations

Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO) is seeking nominations to the Board of Directors.  We are looking for volunteers who are interested in making a difference at the provincial level.

This open call for nominations is your chance to help your provincial sport organization develop and grow!

If you are interested, please review our Call for Nominations for more information on the process, and how you could contribute.

Nominees must be members of XCSO clubs, or be eligible to become members of an XCSO club before taking office.

The election for the Board of Directors will take place at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of XCSO, Monday, June 7, 2021 via Zoom.  Please check Annual General Meeting for more information as it becomes available.

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Final days of the XCSO KM Challenge

Thank you to everyone for embracing the XCSO KM Challenge.  It has been wildly successful with close to 2000 participants logging more than 760,000 KM.

The final day of the XCSO KM Challenge is upon us. The KM challenge closes on March 31 at 10:51pm (2 hours after sunset at the eastern most point of the Eastern time zone).  At this timepoint the spreadsheet will be locked and no further km can be added.