XCSO 2023 Annual Coaching Seminar

The seminar at Camp Kawartha was a success. 25 participants joined in on many excellent presentations:

  • Gold Medal Profile and Technical Report Card with Bryan Dubeau
  • XCSO Strategic Plan with Stephanie Marler
  • The Tough Stuff with Cody Royle
  • The Power of Mental Health through Coaching Practice
  • ParaNordic – Removing Barriers with Michael Frogley
  • ParaNordic – Athlete Panel lead by Michael Frogley
  • Rule of Two Best Practices with Katja Mathys
  • Leading with Intentional Authenticity with Bryan Dubeau
  • Sports Nutrition with Greg Eskedijan
  • Outdoor Leadership Sessions with Neil Fortin and Camp Kawartha Staff

Thank you to all the presenters, the coach participants and Camp Kawartha for an excellent weekend of learning and fun.