About Cross Country Ski Ontario

Cross Country Ski Ontario supports the development and enjoyment of cross country skiing for everyone from the recreational skier to those pursuing competitive excellence.

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Who we are:

Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO) provides leadership and programs for its 77 ski clubs and over 19,000 members.

We are comprised of thousands of recreational participants who love the thrill of skiing through Ontario’s forests on a winter day. We embrace “sport for life” and promote lifelong participation in our sport. We value the healthy and active outdoor lifestyle of cross country skiing. We strive to promote cross country skiing as an activity that all Canadians can enjoy.

XCSO is divided into four geographical ski districts that represent 77 clubs and 19374 individual members. The districts are:

  • LSSD – Lake Superior Ski District
  • NCD – National Capital District
  • NOD – Northern Ontario District
  • SOD – Southern Ontario District

We value the countless hours that our volunteers invest in making our sport great. We appreciate their tireless work and hard-earned expertise.

What we do:

As the Provincial Sport Organization for cross country skiing in Ontario, we represent our sport to both the Provincial Government and Nordiq Canada, our National Sport Organization. We partner with coaches, officials, technicians, and volunteers to support a thriving sport. We promote cross country skiing in Ontario.

We live by our values:

We Collaborate
We collaborate with our partners, clubs, volunteers, and participants. We value the diversity of our community and welcome skiers from all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. We create ways to work together, share ideas, and disseminate best practices.

We Connect
We believe that community comes from connections. Our words and actions build trust. We are honest and transparent in our decision making, and accountable to our stakeholders.

We Listen
We communicate proactively with our members. We respect differences of opinions and perspectives, because we are stronger through cooperation.

We Focus on our Members’ Needs
We challenge ourselves to continuously improve, and we strive to develop ways to better meet the needs of Ontario’s recreational and competitive cross country skiers.

We Live Safe Sport
We understand that a safe environment is a healthy environment. We commit to implementing Safe Sport in all of our activities.

We Have Fun
We believe that everyone has the capacity for fun. Fun lightens burdens and creates memorable experiences. It moves us emotionally; it bonds us relationally.

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