Districts and Clubs

The basis of Cross Country Ski Ontario’s activities is our member clubs. The Districts, Cross Country Ski Ontario, and Nordiq Canada (formerly Cross Country Ski de Fond Canada) have all been created by the clubs in order to provide common focus and resources to our activities, including acting as spokespersons to government.

Cross Country Ski Ontario has 76 member clubs of varying sizes and type. These offer a wide range of activities and services to their membership, including youth programs, high performance programs, competitive events, touring and recreational programs, and ski instruction.

Clubs are our grass-roots: clubs recruit members, build, maintain and provide access to trails and deliver our programs. The social aspects of these activities are very important and almost all of our clubs operate largely on a volunteer or cooperative basis.

Through our network of clubs, Cross Country Ski Ontario is also moving to strengthen our involvements in promotion of in-school skiing; skiing for people with disabilities; and Ontario university skiing.

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Looking for a list of clubs in Ontario? Visit Nordiq Canada for more information.

Funding Sources

Clubs always have a need for money, whether it is to purchase grooming equipment, build or expand a club-house, or fund a paid manager, coach, or groomer. The main source of club funding is membership fees. Special fund-raising, from club members, local businesses, and other sources is also frequently used, especially for capital expenditures or projects.

Local fund-raising will always remain the core of such efforts, but there are a variety of other support mechanisms that clubs can access.

Club Organization

Read the full service club structure or learn how to organize a club by visiting Nordiq Canada.