Over the past several years, this highly successful and fun series of races brought skiers from all over Southern Ontario to experience a variety of different clubs and several different racing events.  One of the magic elements of this series is ‘keeping it simple to keep it fun’!  This is a race series that permits only NF-paraffin ski waxes … and none of the super high end, expensive fluoro waxes. That’s how we keep it simple to keep it fun!

This race series is coordinated by the Southern Ontario District for all athletes and is intended to provide athletes with opportunities to race at local events (within a 1-2 hour drive) to gain experience on a variety of trails and event types.  The race series is specifically targeted at athletes between the ages of 8 to 14 so they can see what racing is all about, however we encourage athletes of all ages and experience to come on out and enjoy!  Right now we have races that serve athletes of all ages from 5 to 85.

As a participant in the race series you have the opportunity to earn points that at the end of the year are totaled for awards and prizes, and the opportunity to become part of the SOD Race Team.

2023-24 Paraffin Series Races

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2023-2024 Paraffin Series!

Our 2023/24 Paraffin Race Schedule is complete! Make sure to do the snow dance so we can have lots of snow for the new up coming season!

New this year. The Ontario Youth Championship races will be calculated towards the SOD Paraffin Series Points. Details to follow.  The dates are March 2nd and March 3rd – Ontario Youth Championship @ Soo Finnish in Sault Sainte Marie.

Update February 29th: The Ski Cross scheduled for March 3rd has been cancelled due to lack of snow.  Please check your points for overall series awards as we do the snow dance for the Team Sprints in Parry Sound on March 23rd!

Sunday March 3rd – Midland Ski Cross @ Midland Ski Club in Midland.  Registration is now live: MountainView Midland Ski Cross(ish) 2024 | Zone4 Online Registration
Saturday March 23rd – Team Sprints @ Georgian Nordic in Parry Sound.

Past Events

Saturday December 16th – Yuletide Blast @ Highlands Nordic in Duntroon.  Race has been canceled due to not enough snow.  No plans to reschedule at this time.  Keep up the snow dance!

Sunday January 14th – Sounder @ Georgian Nordic in Parry Sound. Race has been canceled due to not enough snow. The race has been reschedule for February 10th.  Results: 2024 Sounder Ski Tour | Zone4.ca

Saturday January 27th – Mono Race @ Mono Nordic in Mono. Race Notice and Registration can be found in the link below.                                       https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=34500&lan=1&cartlevel=1

Sunday January 28th – Midland Ski Club Loppet @ Midland Ski Club in Midland. Race Notice and Registration can be found in the link. https://zone4.ca/event/2024/XbqVdM/

Sunday February 11th – Kawartha Nordic Skiathlon @ Kawartha Nordic in Apsley. Race has been canceled due to not enough snow.

Sunday February 18th – Suntrail Special @ Bruce Ski Club in Hepworth. Results are available here: Suntrail Special 2024 | Zone4.ca

Sunday February 25th- Community Classic @ Bruce Ski Club in Hepworth.  Results are avalailable here: Community Classic 2024 | Zone4.ca

Hope to see you all out for the new season! Good Luck Athletes!

SOD Overall Series Points

Overall SOD Series standings will be calculated with SOD Paraffin Series points accumulated during the race season.  Athletes will be awarded points based on ‘Position to Points’ table found below:

At the end of the qualifying ski season, a cumulative score is computed for each skier. For each skier, the cumulative score represents the sum of their N best races (N represents the total number of events actually held in the season) MINUS 2, to a maximum of 4 races. For example, if a skier participated in 9 Paraffin events  then their overall points would be calculated from their top 4 results.

The points are calculated this way for several reasons:

  • To reduce pressure on athletes to race when they are not feeling 100% / sick / injured
  • To reduce pressure on parents to attend each and every race all season
  • To balance out the travel commitment for clubs that have to travel long distances to attend races

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime.

Tiffany Harris
Paraffin Series Race Convenor

Clarifying Note Regarding Nordiq Canada Racing Licenses

A Nordiq Canada (NC) race license is not necessary, nor is it used to seed racers at SOD Paraffin races.
For other races that are sanctioned by NC and XCSO, such as Ontario Winter Games, Ontario Cups, and Ontario Youth Championships (OYC) then it is possibly advantageous to have a license so that you are given a proper start position (seed).  Seeding generally becomes more important in mass start events.  Using a points system is an equitable way to place racers in a mass start order.
A cheaper development license is available for skiers born in 2006 or after who wish to compete in Tier 1 or Tier II Nationally Sanctioned Points Competitions for $25. For other age categories it is 55$
Please speak with your coach to determine if a racing license is a good fit for your goals.