2024 Nordiq Canada Coaches Conference

Nordic Sports Coaches Conference
April 25 – 28, 2024
Canmore, Alberta

Dear Ontario Coaches,
If you are interested in attending the Nordiq Canada Coaches Conference, XCSO will pay the registration fee of $275 for 2 coaches per district. Please contact your District chair to confirm details, or Katja Mathys at [email protected].
We encourage each district to use the following formula for the remaining expenses: 1/3 paid by the district, 1/3 paid by the club, 1/3 paid by the coach. This registration subsidy is only available to coaches that are not receiving additional funding directly from Nordiq Canada for this conference.
If you are a coach chosen to attend by your district and reimbursed for the conference registration fee by XCSO, you will be approached to share the knowledge you gained in Canmore with Ontario’s coaching community at a District Excellence Camp, at the XCSO Annual Coaching Seminar or at other identified opportunities.
Registration: $275

XCSO Strategic Goal#3:
Ensure that Ontario athletes, coaches, officials, wax technicians and event hosts
are consistently recognized as among Canada’ best.