Cross Country Ski Ontario continues to work through the challenges faced by everyone during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We encourage everyone be positive and focus on WHAT WE CAN DO!  Resources and plans with respect to COVID-19 will be communicated as conditions change in the province of Ontario.  We encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy by following Public Health Guidelines in your area.

The Safe Return to Sport document will be re-evaluated and updated as conditions change and restrictions are eased or tightened. To implement these protocols & guidelines, clubs must follow the conditions listed below:

  1. All program participants engaged in training and programming must be current members of their club for the 2020/2021 season
  2. All clubs are encouraged to engage leaders and coaches in a group session to review the Return to Sport Protocol together. This session is intended to inform and answer specific questions before returning to various areas of our sport and to affirm a commitment to do so respectful of everyone’s health and safety.
  3. All coaches and leaders are encouraged to ‘sign off’ on the Safe Return to Sport Protocol. This can be done through Zone4 (contactless). Form elements are developed in the shareable template section of Zone4 (registration # 23961 Return to Play – ON) for clubs to use in a club specific Zone 4 registration. Zone4 Instructions

Clubs/teams should only resume training and programming if/when they are able to implement all aspects of the Safe Return to Sport Protocol in a responsible, committed manner.

Current Safe Return to Play Documents