Nordiq Canada Community Coaching Grant

In response to the tremendous growth of membership within cross-country ski clubs across the country, Nordiq Canada is committing $100,000 in grant funding to support community coaching.
The funding is aimed at helping Canadian cross-country ski clubs meet the increased demand for the safe delivery of ski programming during the pandemic and beyond by increasing the number of qualified coaches throughout the country.The support seeks first and foremost to provide a response to our current challenges in the aim of reducing ratios when delivering the Skill Development Programs and promoting safe practices;

  • To assist a community that may experience fiscal challenges this season by reducing some of the costs of training coaches;
  • To provided added capacity to a potential increase in demand for initiation into our sport;
  • To offer a complementary pathway to athletes who may not be able to race as much as they might wish and to keep them engaged in the propagation of a healthy ski culture;
  • To reach out to the community that is not directly served by the youth programming.

Summary of how it works:

– New coaches still have to take the multi-sport Coach Initiation Module ($15 e-learning in the Locker)

– Online ICC registration fees will be waived in the Locker between November 20 – January 15

– Community Coaching Fees will be reimbursed to XCSO and then forwarded to clubs or individuals

Nordiq Canada Women’s Committee Team Club Culture Grant

Nordiq Canada Women’s Committee invites application to the Team Club Culture Grant. Through this grant(s) the committee is looking to provide teams with the resources they need to improve team culture and create a space where female athletes want to be and want to ski.  Deadline for applications is November 30th. Read more

Candy Cane Cup Sanctioning Status Update

The Candy Cane Cup will no longer be a FIS/Nordiq Canada/XCSO/SFQ sanctioned event. The organizing committee is looking at options for offering a local event.  Decision to be communicated on or before November 25th.  Keep up to date here.

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Skill Development Program Update!

A change and update for our Skill Development Program:

  1. Welcome Karen Cheek.  Karen will be your main contact for Skill Development Program materials.  Materials will continue to be operated out of Highlands Nordic. Please update your contact information to [email protected].
  2. We have added a SDP Coordinator’s Discussion Board  to our Project COY – Connecting Ontario Youth.  We are hopeful that this can provide an online forum for club SDP Coordinators to learn from each other and share ideas.

Candy Cane Cup Update – Clarification

Because of the continued COVID-19 red alert status in the Outaouais region, the Candy Cane Cup at Nakkertok is currently in No Go status and a final decision regarding a sanctioned event will be made on or before November 11th.  Keep up to date here.

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2021 ON Team Programming

The 2021 ON Team Programming information now available.  More information

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Roller Skiing Safety

Athletes & Coaches: Please note that XCSO adopts the Nordiq Canada roller skiing policy with the addition of wearing eye protection whenever possible as an added safety measure.  Please review the policy found on our Athlete page

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Event Decision Making Framework for OCups during COVID-19

An Event Decision Making Framework, in consultation with Local Organizing Committees, has been established to:

  • Provide a consistent decision making framework with respect to registration opening/closing, refund and decision points
  • Allows clubs/teams to understand how decisions regarding OCups will be made
  • Guide Zone4 registrations and race notices to reflect dates etc

Please note: Timelines may shift slightly should that be necessary throughout the season (ie if teams are negatively impacted by hotel cancellation date deadlines)

Safe Return to Sport with Return to Skiing for Facilities now available

The Safe Return to Sport with a link to a Return to Skiing for Facilities is now available.

You will find links to the following in the Return to Sport document:

  • Return to Training (formerly Return to Play)
  • Return to Skill Development Programs – Bunnies, Jackrabbits, & Track Attack
  • Return to Competition
  • Return to Skiing for Facilities (NEW)

Thank you to everyone who provided their expertise and assistance in the development of resources for a safe return to skiing.  Please check our COVID-19 webpage for updates and changes as we navigate through these challenges.   As always, follow Public Health Guidelines and play safe! 

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Virtual XCSO Annual Coaching Seminar, Wednesday October 7 and 14 : 7 pm – 9.30 pm

XCSO will be offering our Annual Coaching Seminar 2020 through Google Meets.
Phone Numbers

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