SPORT4ONTARIO is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the promotion of sport and physical activity in Ontario. Donors who access this platform are eligible to receive a tax receipt for project specific donations as approved by Sport4Ontario. XCSO club applications will be submitted to XCSO for review prior to submission in order to maintain consistency. Project funds will flow through XCSO and be dispersed to member clubs accordingly. A small administrative fee (1.5%) will be subtracted from every completed project to recover incurred costs.

XCSO Sport4Ontario Projects
Step by Step Guide for Clubs
  • XCSO Athlete Development Bursary Fund (Sport4Ontario #142)

    XCSO Athlete Development Bursary Fund is an annual fund available for athletes, to apply meeting both the bursary criteria of acceptance and application deadline; which is April 1st. A $2,000 bursary is for up to ten recipients on an annual basis (based on available funding)

  • XCSO Learn to Ski Bursary Fund (Sport4Ontario #143)

    XCSO Bursary fund is available for member clubs to apply for support when launching and or expanding their ‘Learn to Ski’ (Bunny/Jackrabbit/Track Attack) programs. Up to $2,500 bursary is available to member clubs annually based on meeting both the criteria of acceptance and application deadline of October 1st (based on available funding).