2024-2025 Ontario Para-Nordic Team Nominations

We are thrilled to nominate the following athletes to the 2024-2025 Ontario Para-Nordic Ski Team!

Nomination Synopsis

Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible with the interpretation of criteria and nomination decisions.  Athletes nominated to the Ontario Para-Nordic Ski Team are representative of Ontario’s highest performing paralympic athletes.  selection was made by taking the top athlete by PN CPL points in each gender and discipline.  Additional discretionary nominations were given to those athletes who were named to the Nordiq Canada Prospects Team.


Force Majeure

Appeals will be evaluated by the Nomination Committee. Force Majeure documentation must be submitted by email to admin@xcskiontario ca Sunday May 5, 2024 4:00 PM by 4pm EST.

Nomination Acceptance

Athletes must accept their nomination for the Ontario Ski Team (OST) by registering on Zone4 by May 10, 2024.

Zone 4 Ontario Para-Nordic Ski Team Nomination Acceptance and Team Registration 2024-2025 HERE