2024-2025 Ontario Ski Team (OST) and Female Athlete Bridge Program Nominations

We are thrilled to nominate the following athletes to the Ontario Ski Team (OST) and the Female Athlete Bridge Program!

Nomination Synopsis

Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible with the interpretation of criteria and nomination decisions. The Ontario Ski Team (OST) is a high performance focused team supported by the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) program within Ontario. Athletes nominated to this team must meet performance requirements of achieving a minimum average CPL vs IPB threshold. Athletes must also have competed in the 2024 Ski National Championships or granted an exception. Additional discretionary nominations were given to those athletes meeting performance criteria who did not compete in the 2024 Ski National Championship but who competed at World Junior Championships.

Ontario Ski Team (OST)

Nomination Synopsis

In an effort to address the gender disparity in the current Ontario high performance landscape, in particular during the post-secondary transition, additional female athletes who fall within 3% of their XCSO CPL/IPB percentage benchmarks will be nominated to the Ontario Ski Team Female Athlete Bridge Program.

Athletes must complete all components of the Ontario Ski Team selection process. The program will offer targeted opportunities and support determined during the intake process and include team clothing.

Female Athlete Bridge Program

Force Majeure

Appeals will be evaluated by the Nomination Committee. Force Majeure documentation must be submitted by email to admin@xcskiontario ca Sunday May 5, 2024 4:00 PM by 4pm EST.

Nomination Acceptance

Athletes must accept their nomination for the Ontario Ski Team (OST) by registering on Zone4 by May 10, 2024.

Zone 4 Ontario Ski Team Nomination Acceptance and Team Registration 2024-2025

Additional Selection Requirements

Upon acceptance of your nomination/registration, athletes will be required to submit the following supporting documentation:

  • A copy of your YTP
  • A letter of Recommendation from their club coach
  • Access to athletes training logs
  • Completion of an Individual Athlete Performance Plan (IAPP) 
  • Completion of all CSIO health screenings and XCSO/CSIO Testing Camps
  • Completion of Canadian Association Coaches Safe Sport:Athlete and Rule of Two Modules

Official selection to the Ontario Ski Team will take place once there has been satisfactory completion of these and other requirements as indicated in the XCSO Excellence Programs Document.

More information and instructions for these requirements will be provided after the May 10, 2024 nomination acceptance deadline. Please contact Bryan Dubeau, [email protected] if clarification is needed.