Thank you Nordiq Canada

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nordiq Canada for the following grants that have been awarded to XCSO this year:

Para Nordic Athletes with a Disability Funding (PWAD) and  CSIA top up in the amount of $8,500

XCSO is proud to announce that we are recipients of $8,500 from the @NordiqCanada Para Nordic Try-It Day Initiative, funded by Sport Canada’s Community Sport for All Initiative. This money will be used to support the XCSO’s Try It Days and Equipment Rental projects this season that aim to increase accessibility and visibility of para nordic skiing in Ontario. Thank you @SportCanada_EN for helping us introduce Para-Nordic Skiing to Ontarians with a Disability.

For more information on hosting a Try-It Day or renting equipment for athletes with a disability, visit the Para Nordic section of XCSO’s website and/or contact Jen Nieson [email protected].

NCDF Grant in the amount of $3,000

to support Integrated Support Team presence at Canadian Ski Nationals for NTDC, Ontario Ski Team and Ontario Para Nordic Ski Teams at the 2024 Nordiq Canada Ski Nationals is Gatineau, March 2024.

If you are interested in helping grow the NCDF visit the NCDF donations page