XCSO Canadian Wintersports / Skiwax.ca Affiliate Program

XCSO is excited to announce a new affiliate program with Canadian Wintersport / Skiwax.ca

● Get more people participating in winter sports.
● Support clubs and provincial programming.
● More active members and communities.

● Fundraising through our Affiliate Marketing Program.
● Discounts on Club purchase/team equipment and wax box purchases.
● Other partnership opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing Program:
This affiliate marketing program is supported through the Skiwax.ca Shopify site. XCSO and participating clubs will receive an affiliate discount link and code. These codes can be shared with members and non-members through email and social networks. Customer using the codes will receive a 15% Discount on their purchases. XCSO and the participating Club will receive a commission on total sales generated by their affiliate codes.

Club Purchase Discounts:
XCSO clubs would receive a discount and special offers on equipment and supplies.
Here is a link to a table with the brands available. CWS/Skiwax.ca Brands

To sign your club up for contact Kevin Shields at [email protected]