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Cross Country Ski Ontario Competition Vaccination Mandate Policy

Cross Country Ski Ontario’s Board of Directors has approved a Vaccination Mandate Policy for all Ontario Cups, Youth Championships and District Series events.  The full policy is HERE.

Background information:

Cross Country Ski Ontario’s Board of Directors has passed a motion that all coaches, athletes, officials and volunteers who are eligible to be vaccinated (ages 12 & older) will be required to be fully vaccinated to participate at all XCSO  competitions.  Competitions affected include Ontario Cups, Youth Championships and District Series.  XCSO also strongly recommends that all clubs follow this vaccination policy at interclub competitions.  

XCSO continues to follow indicators from the government, public health guidance, and other sports organizations. While predominantly an outdoor sport where risk is lower, our sport has a significant reliance on indoor spaces due to inclement weather, cold temperatures, and wax facilities.  It is incumbent on XCSO to mitigate risk and maintain the safety of all participants including those who have health issues, and those who are unable to be vaccinated due to eligibility or a medical exemption. This is supported by Nordiq Canada.

Accommodations will be made based on direction from the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy statement on Vaccination mandates.  Medical exemptions will be accommodated based on the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Medical Exemptions to the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Comments/feedback should be directed to Liz Inkila.