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Ontario Stay at Home Orders

The Government of Ontario has issued a Stay at Home Order (news release & regulation).  At this time, cross country ski facilities (page 26) can remain open for exercise and mental health.  Please note that in person team training, club programming, coaching courses continue to be prohibited.  It is imperative that all members access their local trails only and do not travel to other areas of the province.  

A note from XCSO Chair

Dear Skiers across Ontario:

This week, we have reached a new level of concern over the pandemic. We are in a critical situation in the province, and we need to do our best to participate in being the solution, and not contributing to the further spread.
And yet, here we all are, participating in a sport that is “Naturally Distanced”. On Sunday, for example, I skied over 40km in full compliance with social distancing requirements. It took an occasional pause on the trail, and a shared awkward nod now and again (usually to a faster skier), but that was what it took to participate in maintaining my health, my club members’ health, my community’s health. 
XCSO has been engaging with the Ontario Government to maintain access to our facilities, because we can make the claim that we are naturally distanced, outdoors, and that facilities are able to manage capacity and flow. We have also prepared return-to-sport guidelines that have provided focus to our clubs and facilities, in accordance with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Culture.
So, let’s all pull together for our communities, while maintaining our own fitness and mental health.  
Angus Carr, XCSO Chair