NCD Community Coaching Course December & January

NCD will be hosting two Community Coaching courses in the coming weeks.   The dates of these course are:
Dec 17 and 18
@ 730 pm each night
Jan. 8 and 9
@ 730 pm each night
Two online ICC (Introduction to Community Coaching) modules (if you have any questions, contact [email protected])
Both the above workshops will be virtual.  A conference code and the supporting documents will be sent to the registered participants 3 days prior to the workshop
The on snow portion of the workshops (~7 hrs) will be facilitated in January of 2021.
Dates and times will be confirmed once restrictions on group gatherings are reviewed and its clear where we can host the on-snow workshops.
Registration information from XCSO – free registration fees until Jan. 15th
  • New coaches still have to take the multi-sport Coach Initiation Module ($15 e-learning in the Locker)
  • Online ICC registration fees will be waived in the Locker between November 20 – January 15
  • Community Coaching Fees will be reimbursed to XCSO by Nordic Canada and then forwarded to clubs or individuals
  • XCSO will forward the fees to the respective clubs.