Ontario  continues forward progress towards re-opening and is currently entering Stage 2. Cross Country Ski Ontario has developed a Safe Return to Play Protocol for Stage 2 of returning to training. The initial Return to Play protocol was reviewed by physicians familiar with COVID-19 and cross country ski training, as well as several club presidents, coaches, and board members.  All information regarding COVID-19 will be posted on our website at our COVID-19 page.

The Safe Return to Play document will continue to be re-evaluated and updated as conditions change and restrictions are eased or tightened. A reminder to all clubs and coaches:  In order to safely implement this protocol, clubs must follow the conditions listed below:

  1. All program participants engaged in training must be current members of their club for the 2020/2021 season
  2. All program participants must attend a group session via conference call or video call with the club coach and review the Return to Play Protocol together. This session with coaches and athletes is intended to inform and answer specific questions before engaging in person training and to affirm a committment to train respectful of everyone’s health and safety.
  3. All program participants must then ‘sign off’ on the Safe Return to Play Protocol. It is advisable to complete this through Zone4 (contactless). Form elements have been developed and are sharable for clubs to use in a club specific Zone 4 registration.

Please note that the return to training should be club and coach driven.  Only clubs and coaches should return to training when comfortable with implementation strategies in place.  XCSO staff are available to strategize and assist clubs with their implementation plan.