Southern Ontario District

NEW wax protocol for SOD Paraffin Series races 2019-20

A main focus of the Paraffin Series has always been to “keep it simple to keep it fun!”

Recent changes in waxing protocols at both the National and Provincial levels has given us pause to re-examine our current wax practices for our SOD races. In particular, it appears to be in the best interest to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach and align with the LF-only policies adopted by both Nordiq Canada and XCSO for this coming season.

For the 2019-2020 season LF wax will be permitted in any category (including Open and Masters).

Our intent in making this change is to assist clubs who may wish to streamline their wax inventory, thus making it easier to manage while at the same time reducing costs.  The focus of the Paraffin Series remains a strong commitment towards accessibility and a focus on athlete development.

Waxing is necessary and ever evolving part of our sport. As such, we endeavor to continue examining our practices in the efforts of finding a balanced approach.