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Coach Salary Support from CAO (Coaches Association of Ontario)

Is your club interested in hiring a full-time coach? Check out this link to read about the support from CAO. http://www.coachesontario.ca/qfg/coach-salary-support/
The application intake is January 25, 2019.
This program takes a long term view to build capacity and leadership within the Ontario sport system. Through employment and development of new paid coaching positions, the CAO hopes to increase the performance of Ontario athletes, grow programs with the inspired leadership of dedicated full-time coaches.

How Much Can I Apply For?

The 3 Year Full Time Coach Salary Support program provides up to $60,000 of funds over 3 years for a new full-time coach. The amount of the CAO portion of the support in Year 1 is $25,000, in Year 2 is $20,000 and in year 3 is $15,000. The annual coach salary can be greater, but not less than $40,000 per year.