The Euro B Tour continues this weekend with Swiss Cup races in Campra, Switzerland.  Athletes will be competing in 5/10km Classic mass start on Saturday, and 7.5/10/15km Free individual start on Sunday.  Rumour has it Dario Cologna will be in the mix on Sunday

Athlete impressions:

“Woke up for our 8am German salami, cheese and jam sandwiches to start the day! ” Graham Ritchie

“Today turned out to be ‘culture’ day! Instead of living out athlete lives, we switched gears to become tourists, traveling two and a half hours into the beautiful and old city of Praha, aka Prague, Czech Republic.  Like many European cities, it featured small parking spaces, cobble stone roads, epic architecture and too many beautiful things to really grasp with a single look.”  Julian Smith

“After driving from Germany to Switzerland on Tuesday mostly in the rain, we woke to a beautiful clear day in the mountains for a longer ski at the Campra Centro Nordico where most of the trails are in good shape and made for an amazing ski. The altitude here is around 1400 metres, very similar to Canmore so the focus of the ski was some distance at an easy zone 1 pace to get the body adjusted after some rest days post race weekend and travel day of about 6 hours in the car.”  Bob Thompson

 “I am excited for the opportunity to go out and ski as hard as I can for 10km in a field featuring a few familiar faces and many new ones. I’m here to take chances and experience the speed and aggression of European racing where the field is always deep and the world’s best skiers are a more common sight. The sun is shining, the mountains are stunning, the snow is fast, and Team Ontario is ready to send it tomorrow!” Maks Zechel

Check out the video courtesy of Angus Foster