The SOD team is named to recognize and support the development of athletes racing the SOD Paraffin Series races.  The goal of the SOD Team is to support these athletes to begin to race competitively on the Ontario Cup circuit and to prepare them to qualify for the OJST (Ontario Junior Ski Team).  The SOD board believes that the promotions of an active ski racing circuit within SOD will strengthen the ski community by providing opportunities for skiers to come together through fun and friendly competition.

2019/20 Team

Madison Fraser

SOD Team Coach

Position Vacant

SOD Team Assistant Coach

Scott Dowling

SOD Team Coordinator

Athlete NameClub
Jacob SharkeyWaterloo
Adam MarshallTeam Hardwood
Cooper deHaanLifeski Academy
Tilson deHaanLifeski Academy
Meghan RogersMono Nordic
Simon AndersonGeorgian Nordic
Erik UngerKawartha Nordic
Sullivan MacdonaldTeam Harwood
Genevieve DubeauGeorgian Bay Nordic
Anna JaklovaLifeski Academy
Emily GordonTeam Hardwood
Eily WoodmanWaterloo
Liam RyanTeam Hardwood
Levi DittmanMono Nordic
Malcolm McCullochHighland Trailblaizers
Erik VurmaTeam Hardwood
Ellie DowlingWaterloo
Mia SmithGeorgian Nordic
Ellen GrohGeorgian Bay Nordic
Jenna AndersonGeorgian Nordic
Hanna LangenbergWaterloo
Andrew BougaiHighland Trailblaizers
Thomas BeukeboomMono Nordic
Simon GrahamLifeski Academy
Jerome DittmanMono Nordic
James Rowan Mon Nordic
Claire DayGeorgian Bay Nordic
Aleida NelsonGeorgian Bay Nordic
ALex TimmsHighland Trailblaizers
Vera SobotkaHighland Trailblaizers
Justine Hastings Team Hardwood


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