2019/2020 NCD Race Series

Cross Country Ski Races in the Capital Region

NCD has coordinated a series of regional nordic ski events for over 25 years. With well over a thousand participants annually, this series comprises a number of low-key, low-stress events providing skiers an opportunity to experience racing and to become part of a community of racers within the region. NCD also aims to facilitate local clubs in the organization of race events which form the race series. The overall objectives of the NCD race series are:

  • To give local skiers a chance to develop their racing skills and enjoy competition in a variety of race formats
  • To help clubs to run races by supplying some of the needed equipment and guidance
  • To encourage friendly competition with a points system for race results
  • To celebrate our local skiers – both in Ontario and Quebec

Series Info

  • 2020 NCD Awards Banquet

    Friday April 17, 2020

    Marconi Centre – 1026 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 0A6

    The NCD race series and all local skiers will be celebrated at the annual NCD race series awards banquet.  All local skiers and clubs are invited to make this event an annual celebration of local skiing.  Awards will be given the top three individuals that have the highest aggregate point totals in each category or YOB. 

Club Race Organization

Complete Details are found in the 2020 NCD Technical Package

Race Expectations

The NCD has a very minimal set of expectations for race organizers regarding the series. These expectations are as follows:

1.   Races will have a published race notice and published results

2.   The published results will follow the NCD Year of Birth (YOB) and Category guidelines and are sent to the NCD HP Rep one week after the conclusion of the event.

3.   Registration for the event is open minimum two weeks prior to the event date.

4.   NCD series events are low-fluoro (LF) events (unless sanctioned by another higher level body).  Meaning the expectation is that race participants will NOT use High-fluoro (HF) or medium-fluoro (MF) waxes, including HF or MF powders, pucks, blocks and liquids. This includes the use of cold weather powder additives & hardeners. While we know that race organizers cannot enforce this directive, please include it in all race notices.

Race Categories

In keeping aligned with the long term athlete development model, the NCD Race series will be using YOB for race series awards for the younger participants and race categories for the older age groups.

Note that the categories have been renamed for the 2020 season to align with the Nordiq Canada competition model and should not conflict with provincially or nationally sanctioned races (e.g. OCups, Coupe de Quebec, Norams).  Any provincially or nationally sanctioned event will use the race categories as defined by the sanctioning party. 


The NCD charges race organizers fees for equipment use and a per participant fee to cover the direct costs of the race series – equipment maintenance, and series awards.  These fees are kept as low as possible to minimize race costs, however there are real costs to offering the race series and these fees allow us to just break-even.

·      Equipment rental fee: Minimum $50 to a maximum of $200 depending on number of participants

·      Race series fee: $1 per local participant eligible to receive an award

Race Equipment

NCD owns a variety of equipment in support of race timing and hosting.  This equipment is maintained and stored by Gordon Williams and is available upon request use in hosting races.  

Equipment rental fee: Minimum $50 to a maximum of $200 depending on number of participants

The assets available for use include:  

  • 2 Summit Timers and accessories
  • UPS back-up for timers
  • 14 two-way radios, chargers and accessories
  • 2 Bib order cameras and associated equipment
  • Updated 1 set of race bibs numbered 1-450
  • New Stadium Clock suitable for out door use – nice and big
  • New 3 laptop computers with zone4 software installed – to be used as support computers to the “master” run by timing/results chief
  • Metal lane dividers (a bunch)
  • 1 set of incomplete race bibs numbered 1-99 suitable for time trials