Mentorship Program

Enhancing the coaching experience

Cross Country Ski Ontario is offering a Coach Mentorship Program each year. The aim of this program is to facilitate partnerships and knowledge transfer between coaches in Ontario to support and facilitate the ongoing education of ON high performance coaches. Through increased collaboration and knowledge sharing, XCSO aims to improve the coaching environment in the province while increasing connections with coaches. Through this program, coaches can share experiences, exchange ideas, best practices, and coaching strategies resulting in an improved daily training environment for athletes.

Coaches will be paired based on each individual coach’s needs and the partnership will be initiated by XCSO’s Coaching Development Coordinator. A learning plan will be developed identifying goals and objectives. Ongoing facilitation and monitoring will continue throughout the season. The program is designed to benefit both the coach and the mentor. Funding will be available and assessed based on the circumstances of the mentor/coaching pairing to facilitate team visits and training camp collaboration.

All coaches of Ontario clubs are eligible to apply. Applications will be received on a yearly basis with a deadline of April 30 of each year. A final report by each coach will be required by March 31 st of each year. A report template will be provided.

Mentorship Pairings


Bryan Dubeau and Toivo Koivukoski
Peter Wiltman and Katja Mathys


David White and Rick Dickey
Kevin Shields and Ron Howden
Bryan Dubeau and Toivo Koivukoski
Peter Wiltman and Katja Mathys