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XCSO Membership Fee Update

At the XCSO AGM on Monday, May 9, membership fees were discussed and voted upon.  The XCSO membership fee is now $10 per member effective immediately.  The Zone4 membership panel has been updated – see below for illustration purposes for NOD.  Clubs are advised to change their documentation as appropriate and inform their membership.

Special Note to Clubs which have opened their 2022/2023 Membership Registration: Zone4 has informed XCSO that if any of 2022/2023 member’s carts are edited, Zone4 will reprocess and the $2 per member difference will be charged to the Club.  This reprocessing can be triggered in many ways such as from a Club Administrator editing a misspelled name, changing someone’s program choice, or giving a refund, for example.

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XCSO is hiring – 2 District Development Coordinators (contract positions)

Cross Country Ski Ontario is accepting applications for District Development Coordinators in 2 Districts – Southern Ontario (SOD) and National Capital (NCD).  Please read more HERE.

The application intake process will continue until the position is filled – please submit an application as soon as possible.


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Heinz Niederhauser Award Recipient – Gord Salt

Cross Country Ski Ontario is pleased to announce Gord Salt of Highlands Trailblazers as the recipient of the Heinz Niederhauser Outstanding Coaching Award.   Gord started in his coaching career almost 50 years ago at the high school level and continued at the varsity level.  Gord then moved to club coaching and currently leads the Junior Development Program at Highlands Trailblazers and is also the club’s Coaching Coordinator.  Gord is a Learning Facilitator for NCCP Coaching course and has trained many coaches at multiple levels over the years.  Gord has long been an advocate for long-term athlete development and has helped the club structure their programs to maximize the retention of athletes. He is always athlete first focused. He is also constantly helping other coaches develop and improve their skillsets and levels while supporting athletes with high-performance ambitions as well as those who just want to improve their skiing and their athleticism.  From his nomination: “I knew Heinz, his dedication and what he meant to the sport in Ontario. I see Gord in that same light.”

Congratulations Gord! Gord will be presented the Heinz Niederhauser Outstanding Coaching Award on Monday, May 9 at ~8pm.  Please join XCSO in celebrating coaching in Ontario.  Zoom Meeting Link




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Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient – Grant Hall

Cross Country Ski Ontario announces that late Grant Hall of Lappe Nordic is the recipient of the XCSO Outstanding Volunteer Award.  Grant began volunteering at Lappe Nordic in the early 2000s.  He was a fixture in race organizing at Lappe for local, regional, provincial and national races.   Read about Grant’s volunteerism HERE.

This award will be presented at the XCSO AGM on Monday, May 9th at ~ 8pm.  Cross Country Ski Ontario will be developing a virtual Hall of Fame on our website for great volunteers in our sport.

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Lifetime Achievement Award – Alan White

The Cross Country Ski Ontario Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Alan White will be the inaugural recipient of the Cross Country Ski Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award.  This award celebrates outstanding contributions to cross country skiing in Ontario and Canada.  Many of us know Al from being on a timing crew or seeing him in the role of Technical Delegate at an Ontario Cup.  Al has been busy behind the scenes as well.  Al began with Cross Country Ski Ontario (then called Cross Country Ontario) in the 1990s.  Please read more HERE.

Congratulations Al! Thank you for your outstanding achievements in officials development, race organizing, timing and volunteerism! Al will be presented with the award on Monday, May 9th at the XCSO AGM ~ 8pm.

Q4G Ontario Athlete Assistance Program Funding – Direct to Athlete Support

The Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTCI) has provided funding to Cross Country Ski Ontario to be directed towards either Direct to Athlete Funding or High Performance Program Funding.  Cross Country Ski Ontario is directing this funding to athletes.  The criteria for athlete nomination and selection will look much as it did pre-COVID with some added flexibility due to the flexible nature of the MHSTCI funding.

More information HERE.

Olympic Stream CPL/IPB Ranking List



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Team Ontario/Leader Bibs are published

Ontario Ski Team, Ontario Junior Ski Team, Ontario Cup Leader Bibs and District Teams ranking lists are now published.  Full details are HERE.  Questions?  Please contact Victor Wiltmann.

Introducing XCSO Para-Nordic Lead – Jen Nieson

Cross Country Ski Ontario is very excited to welcome Jen Nieson as our Para-Nordic Lead.  Jen is an Occupational Therapist and brings a unique and exciting perspective to program development for our para-nordic athletes and participants.  Jen is an active member of Soo Finnish Nordic and most recently was the Volunteer Coordinator at Youth Championships.  This is the first step in implementing the action plan identified in the Program Review & Development Plan.  PN Committee Chair John Cowan, “We look forward to working with Jen with accomplishing the report’s recommendations.”   Jen begins working with XCSO on May 2 and can be reached at [email protected] (pending email setup).

FIS Survey for Athletes YOB 2002-2009

The FIS Youth and Children cross country skiing committee wants to conduct a survey amongst young athletes (birth year 2002-2009) in order to get a better view of athletes’ thoughts about cross country skiing. These views help FIS to evaluate the current status as well as to determine the direction that cross country skiing should be taken.
The survey must be completed by April 30 2022!

The result of this survey will be revealed and shared in the FIS Congress meetings in May, and all nations participating will of course get the results for their own nation.

Please use this link for  athletes birth year 2002-2009. Link to Canada’s survey: https://surveys.enalyzer.com?pid=fuqifdn6

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Bryan Dubeau hired as XCSO Technical Director

XCSO is pleased to announce the hiring of Bryan Dubeau as XCSO Technical Director. Bryan’s experiences include representing Team Canada at the 2019 & 2021 FISU Games; working with Southern Ontario clubs as SOD’s District Development Coordinator; and coaching the Walden Cross Country race team.  Bryan is a Competition Development Certified Coach as well as Learn to Train, Athletes with a Disability (AWAD) trained.  We are excited to welcome Bryan in this new role.

Jack Sasseville: “On behalf of the High Performance Committee I am excited to announce that Bryan Dubeau has accepted the position of Technical Director of XCSO. Bryan brings a wealth of experience at the club and district level to this role and I believe that he will help XCSO HP continue to grow and prosper going forward.”

Bryan is ready to take on this new challenge: “Ontario has much to celebrate and be proud of!  I am thrilled to build on the great work that has been done over the past several years.  Ontario has benefited greatly from Victor Wiltmann’s leadership. I endeavour to serve our community with the same giving mindset. I feel that a focus on connections and relationships will be Ontario’s path forward to excellence.  I am most excited by the opportunity to support both our Olympic and Para Olympic stream athletes on their path to success. We have a diverse and thriving ski community in Ontario and I am fully committed to working towards our potential.”

XCSO’s Board of Directors, committees and staff thank Victor Wiltmann for his commitment to the Ontario ski community.  Victor will continue with XCSO and manage the CSIO Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative portfolio.