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OCup #3 (Thunder Bay) – Cancelled

Lakehead Superior Nordic Association (LSNA) has made the difficult decision to cancel OCUP#3. The current restrictions in place by the Government of Ontario make it impossible for teams to access any indoor space on-site, and health units have recommended against non-essential travel. With schools opening on Monday there is an expectation that OMICRON will peak during the event, likely affecting travel, participation and volunteer capacity. The Local Organizing Committee has evaluated these factors and the additional measures required to address them, and determined that cancellation is the prudent course of action.

XCSO extends a thank you to the Local Organizing Committee for all their work and to our ski community for their continued patience and understanding as COVID-19 continues to impact our ability to host events.

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Impacts of Gov’t of ON COVID-19 Regulations

The Government of Ontario announced new restrictions on January 3, 2022. Section 19 of  O.Reg 263/20 guides Sport and Recreational activities.  At this time the impact on cross country skiing is minimal.  Programming and competitions can continue. As always, activities should be planned in consultation with and guided by Local Public Health Units while following strict adherence to public health guidelines.  Please note a COVID safety plan must be in place.

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XCSO 2022 Kilometre Challenge is now live!

Join with the Cross Country Ski Ontario community to ski as many kilometres as you can starting on January 1!  Thank you to Logan Hong for the upgrade in functionality and visuals from last year’s edition.   Click here to get your club started!

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Ontario Cup #2 (Sudbury) Cancelled

It is with great disappointment that we announce the cancellation of Ontario Cup #2.  The race was intended to be held Jan 15/16 at Walden Cross Country in Sudbury.  The Public Health Unit Sudbury & District has implemented strict public health measures including limiting outdoor events to 25 people.  The Local Organizing Committee met with the Public Health Unit and were advised that holding the OCup was not possible given the current COVID-19 situation in the region.

Thank you to the Walden Local Organizing Committee for their continued dedication to hosting events in Ontario.  XCSO will continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation in the province and provide updates as we navigate the pandemic for a second competitive season.

Rowan’s Law – Phase 2 Implementation

Phase 2 of Rowan’s Law is effective January 1, 2022 and includes:

  1. Establish Removal-From-Sport and Return-to-Sport Protocols.
  2. Identify a designated person(s) as having specific responsibilities under the Removal/Return-to-Sport protocols
  3. Make their protocols available to designated person(s), and any athlete (and their parent if the athlete is under 18 years of age) who has been removed from training, practice or competition due to a suspected concussion
  4. Each sport organization shall create a retention policy for personal information if one does not exist.

Please refer to The Ministry of Health Sport Tourism & Culture Industries Rowan’s Law webpage for full details as well as sample templates.  Phase 2 Implementation is detailed HERE.



Nordiq Canada Race License Update

Purchase your 2020/2021 Nordiq Canada race license until Dec 9 at 12:00 pm.  Read more HERE.

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Meet OLLI the Ontario Otter!

Thanks to everyone who voted.  OLLI will #see you on the trails this season!



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Cross Country Ski Ontario Competition Vaccination Mandate Policy

Cross Country Ski Ontario’s Board of Directors has approved a Vaccination Mandate Policy for all Ontario Cups, Youth Championships and District Series events.  The full policy is HERE.

Background information:

Cross Country Ski Ontario’s Board of Directors has passed a motion that all coaches, athletes, officials and volunteers who are eligible to be vaccinated (ages 12 & older) will be required to be fully vaccinated to participate at all XCSO  competitions.  Competitions affected include Ontario Cups, Youth Championships and District Series.  XCSO also strongly recommends that all clubs follow this vaccination policy at interclub competitions.  

XCSO continues to follow indicators from the government, public health guidance, and other sports organizations. While predominantly an outdoor sport where risk is lower, our sport has a significant reliance on indoor spaces due to inclement weather, cold temperatures, and wax facilities.  It is incumbent on XCSO to mitigate risk and maintain the safety of all participants including those who have health issues, and those who are unable to be vaccinated due to eligibility or a medical exemption. This is supported by Nordiq Canada.

Accommodations will be made based on direction from the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy statement on Vaccination mandates.  Medical exemptions will be accommodated based on the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Medical Exemptions to the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Comments/feedback should be directed to Liz Inkila.


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Please help us name the XCSO Mascot

We are thrilled to welcome XXX the Ontario Otter to the XCSO ski community.  Please help us chose a name for the mascot.

Vote HERE by 23:59 December 1st.