Annual General Meeting

The Cross Country Ski Ontario Annual General Meeting and Club Workshop takes place in late April/early May of each year. To engage all our community members, the event is hosted by each District on a 4 year rotational schedule.  All members are encouraged to attend the subsidized weekend event.  As well, a travel subsidy is available to each District for members to attend.

Call for Nominations

One of the goals of Cross Country Ski Ontario’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is to ensure that Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO) has the leadership it requires to be a modern, effective Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) that meets the needs of its membership.

The Nomination Committee, Steve Howard, Patricia MacDonell, Thom Lyon, John Labine & Don Nixon, is seeking nominations to the Board of Directors that will expand and augment our Board’s expertise.  All board positions are open for nomination.

Specifically, we are seeking applications from our community for Directors at Large with skills in the following:

  1. Marketing & Sponsorship: the ideal candidate would have experience in brand awareness to build ournew brand and help to grow the sponsorship portfolio; and
  2. Board Governance: the ideal candidate would have not-for-profit or board experience particularly in thearea of not for profit governance renewal including the impact of the implementation of the Not for Profit Corporations Act (ONCA).

Other areas of responsibility for the board are: Chair, Treasurer, High Performance Committee Chair, Events and Officials Lead, Youth Programming, Coaching Development, ParaNordic Lead and a Director at Large.

Applications are encouraged from individuals interested in leading and contributing to these areas.


Applications should include:

  • Name and background information such as education, career and/or volunteer experience;
  • Area(s) of interest within the Board of Cross Country Ski Ontario; and
  • Experience relevant to the area(s) of interest.

The Nomination Committee will review all applications and respond to each application. Nominations will be submitted to the membership in advance of the Cross Country Ski Ontario Annual General Meeting.

Voting will take place at the XCSO AGM on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

The Board of Directors encourages clubs to seek leaders within their community who could provide expertise and leadership to Cross Country Ski Ontario by joining the Board.

Please send applications to Steve Howard and Liz Inkila by Friday, April 21, 2017.