CCC Women’s Committee Athlete Survey

CCC’s Women’s Committee would like to hear from all female athletes!  Please share your thoughts.  More information here & find the survey here.

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Ontario Athlete Exchange

Are you interested in training with like-minded athletes? Cross Country Ski Ontario would like to help connect you through an athlete exchange.  Please complete the following registration and we will work to connect you with training partners across the province.  The rest is up to you!  Questions?  Please contact [email protected]

Program Outline:  Participants from around the province will be matched based on age and training hours. We hope this can facilitate a positive training exchange amongst athletes in the province!

Program Expectations:  Program participants are expected to be willing to host as well as travel to a partner location within the province. All travel and arrangements must be agreed upon between the two (or more) host families.

​Please note:  All expenses/costs incurred for this is the athlete’s responsibility.

Please register here!  Athletes will be ‘matched’ on an ongoing basis.







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Volunteer of the Year Award

Cross Country Ski Ontario is pleased to announce that Shawn Sinclair of Highlands Trailblazers is the recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Shawn was integral to the organization of the Ontario Winter Games at Horseshoe Valley.  In a week that saw freezing temperatures change to a major melt, Shawn, as Chief of Course re-designed the course overnight ensuring that a race could happen.   Thank you Shawn for your dedication to Ontario athletes and our ski community.  The Volunteer of the Year award is presented each year at the XCSO Annual General Meeting.  This year the AGM will take place on Sunday, May 13th at Highlands Nordic.

Heinz Niederhauser Outstanding Coaching Award

Cross Country Ski Ontario is pleased to announce Peter Wiltmann of Georgian Nordic as the recipient of the Heinz Niederhauser Outstanding Coaching Award.  Peter has been volunteer coaching with Georgian Nordic for more than 20 years.  His passion and dedication to athletes of all abilities is demonstrated through his ongoing desire to learn and grow as a coach.  “Peter continues to always learn about coaching cross-country skiing and has been involved in ski camps with the Ontario Talent Squad and the Ontario Ski Team. As well, Peter’s passion and dedication to the non-elite athlete is another aspect of Coach Peter that sets him above his peers. He is still the most passionate person about teaching youth to love sports”, cites one of Georgian Nordic’s coaches.  Heinz would approve!