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XCSO Coach Mentorship Program Application

Cross Country Ski Ontario is continuing its Coach Mentorship Program. The aim of this program is to facilitate partnerships and knowledge transfer between coaches in Ontario to support and facilitate the ongoing education of ON high performance coaches. Through increased collaboration and knowledge sharing, XCSO aims to improve the coaching environment in the province while increasing connections with coaches. Through this program, coaches can share experiences, exchange ideas, best practices, and coaching strategies resulting in an improved daily training environment for athletes.

Application Deadline: June 4, 2017


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XCSO Annual Coaching Seminar

Cross Country Ski Ontario’s Annual Coaching Seminar is scheduled for June 2 – 4, 2017 in North Bay. Registration is now open on zone4.ca.


P/T coaching opportunity!

Highlands Trailblazers is seeking Junior Competition Lead Coach.  More information here

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XCSO Call for Nominations

Cross Country Ski Ontario is seeking nominations to the Board of Directors.  Click here for more information.